On your wedding day I will begin by meeting you at the location where all of your wedding prep will begin. Whether you are at a salon, your home, a hotel room, or the church, I will be there to help capture you getting ready, alongside your nearest and dearest.  Please note, if you choose a package that has 2 photographers, I will always be with the bride and my assistant photographer will be with groom and groomsmen. Upon my arrival, I will want to photograph the bridal gown, before the bride begins getting dressed. I also use this time photograph details such as the flowers, wedding invitation, wedding rings, jewelry, shoes, garter and bridesmaids dresses.  Once the bride and bridesmaids have dressed, I will begin taking individual photos of the bride, as well as each of the bridesmaids. I will also make sure that I have photos of the bride with each of her bridesmaids, and then will move into group shots of everyone together.  I will make sure that I have as many variations of the bride and her family and friends as time permits. We always are concious of time and will get as much done before the ceremony as possible



Upon our arrival at the ceremony location, we will photograph all of the exciting things that are happening, before the bride walks down the aisle. We will be sure to capture family and friends arriving, bridesmaids and groomsmen finishing last minute tasks, parents greeting friends, guests being seated, Grandparents escorted in and so on. We will photograph the bridal party processional and then the Bride, as she makes her grand entrance. If this wedding is taking place in a church, once the bride joins her husband at the altar, we will no longer use any flash photography (until the ceremony is over and the Bride and Groom are leaving the ceremony together). We will be photographing the entire ceremony from the back and side of the altar, where we can still get excellent images of the ceremony, without imposing on the view of your guests. Our goal to capture it all without disturbing the ceremony. Every tender moment, from hand holding to exchanging rings, special moments like lighting the unity candle or the sand ceremony, the first kiss as husband and wife! All of these will be captured.  After the service, typically we will photograph the bride and groom with their families, at the ceremony location. The bride and groom can determine how involved we get with the family photos. We can start with the whole family, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters., etc.  Please note that it is definitely easiest to do large group family photos at this time. The bridal party can relax while we do the family photos. Then after we are done with families, I like to do a few shots of the bride and groom alone together. If the bride and groom want to do some shots with the bridal party at the altar, we can do that last. If the bride and groom wish to do photos on location somewhere else, and time allows between ceremony and reception, we are happy to accommodate that request.  I will be sure to give suggestions, if needed, for locations that will offer a great back drop or setting for the photos.  These on location photos are usually just the Bride, Groom and Bridal Party.  However, sometimes parents will go with also... All are welcome. We will photograph everyone who is with us....



Once we get to the reception, we will set up a background and lights, if requested.  This set up gives me the ability to create a "mini studio", where we can photograph anyone - friends, family, co-workers. It ensures me that the photos have a uniform background, that does not have to be dependent on the location. We will then photograph the hall, table settings, decorations, cake, gift table, candy table, head table, center pieces, flowers. It is important to me that I am able to capture the ambiance of your reception hall/location.  The reception is where the party starts and candid photos will be taken of you and your guests throughout the night. Usually cocktail hour ends with guests being seated and this is where the intro's begin. Most of the time the Grandparents are already seated and the parents are introduced first, then the bridal party and finally the Bride and Grooms grand entrance. Typically this is when we photograph the Bride and Groom cutting the cake, which is always followed by lots of laughs and kissing. Next up are the toasts from the Maid of Honor and Best Man, followed by a prayer and then dinner is served. We are always available for photos of couples or families throughout the evening. Once dancing starts we will capture the Bride and Grooms first dance, as well as Father/Daughter and Mother/Son. We pay special attention to grandparents, family, kids and anyone that is special to the Bride and Groom,  (ie: God Parents, Aunts and Uncles, etc...). We are always on alert for special moments, such as family or guests that have a surprise for the Bride and Groom. We are also always looking for romantic or fun moments that happen during the party. Moments that will make you laugh or invoke emotion.  It is our job to be watching for these moments, making sure we don't "miss a beat", so that you can celebrate, knowing that we have you covered!  This is your day, and we want you to enjoy it!  We are there to help make sure everything is captured and give you memories that will last a lifetime!

Now that the wedding is over, within 4 to 5 weeks I will have the wedding images edited, enhanced and ready to view on a website with a private login. The Bride and Groom will get the first look at the images. After they have had a chance to view the photos, they can release them for all family and friends to see. Ordering is done online and allows the Bride and Groom to choose any pix they want. Family and guests also order directly from this proofing site & orders will ship to them. If the Bride and Groom are having me create an album, they will need to contact me after they have chosen their favorite pix. Our beautiful Italian printed Wedding albums are high quality heirlooms that you will cherish forever. Once the Bride and Groom have chosen the 80-90 album photos, I will create an album design that I will email them to approve before printing. Once approved, I will send the layout design to Italy. The layout/design takes about 1 month and the printing in Italy is about 6 weeks. If the Bride & Groom are getting the "Image Showcase-Slideshow" video they will also need to choose 100 favorite pix for that, which I will also create.

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